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busana muslim bandung artikel bebas

How to dress reflects the personality of a person 
For those who minded cheerful, clothing 
usually bright and cheerful, even rarely with 
many motives. 
Meanwhile, for those quiet 
personality, his clothing collections tend to consist of 
one color, with a pattern of evenly without a lot of applications. 

Similarly Triode assessed by currency, clothing 
Muslim women had been active since the local brand three years 
ago. At first, a brand Triode up-to-date 
Up2date, which is a collection of Islamic clothing for 
women over the age range of ’20. 
With this line, 
they present more Muslim women’s clothing 
Embellishment and cheerful in accordance with the target age. 
This collection shows the fun side of the user with 
color a lot, both from the material, also from the characteristics 
up2date additional patchwork. 

Up2date now wants to reach a more mature market, 
i.e. women aged 25 and over, with the name 
Up2date [+] (read: plastic aptudeyt). 
Some time 
then up2date chance to show collections together 
with the event organized by the Pondok Indah Mall 
entitled The Beauty of Back-Fitr. 

Collection up2date [+] consists of all the clothes 
loose, simple, modern, and Timeless. Up2date manager 
marketing, Roni Agus, said that the collection up2date 
[+] Have a fairly simple piece and will 
interesting to mix and match to create 
new look. 
For color, they often use 
primary colors that can be easily dipadupadan, 
such as white, from white, black, gray, and violet 

What makes them different from most collections 
other Muslim clothing that is unique and cutting material 
used. Most of the pieces of clothing 
Muslims they use asymmetric techniques, so that 
create a simple fashion that is not the market. 
used most of the chiffon, shirt, and no content 
Roni also said that they tried to collection 
to use the materials cool when worn. 

Because targeting the adult market, well established, and the desire 
exclusive collection, which offers a price range between 
USD 400 thousand – $ 1 million. Boutique up2date [+] present new 
located in Pondok Indah Mall 1st floor. 
Roni said 
that in the near future this will open a new store again 
in major cities throughout Indonesia

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